Are you excited to dive into the freshest makeup trends as spring graces us with its presence? With warmer weather on the horizon, it's the perfect time to embrace soft pinks, a fresh-faced glow, and effortlessly chic eye makeup.

But here's the twist – this year, we're seeing a delightful resurgence of our beloved trends from the previous season, offering a newfound sense of ease and simplicity.

Just as fashion trends have their cycles, makeup trends follow suit. So, what's in store for your Instagram feed this spring? Let's uncover the beauty secrets!

Bright, Rosy Cheeks with PINK GLITTER

The blush era was never over. The bold colour concepts of the '80s are now taking a turn with contemporary fashion. And when it comes to cheeks, less is always more. Achieving this trendy spring makeup look is as easy as smiling. Simply apply your favourite rosy pink blush to the apples of your cheeks and dust a hint of fine metallic glitter on top. It's a game-changer for a fresh, dewy glow that's in perfect harmony with today's makeup trends.


Glazed Donut Look with SAND GLITTER

The glazed donut makeup trend is about achieving a dewy, luminous complexion. Mix a few drops of liquid highlighter with your foundation for that ethereal glow. Then, for the pièce de résistance, add a touch of metallic glitter, brown or sand, to the high points of your face – cheekbones, nose bridge, and cupid's bow. You'll look as tempting as a freshly baked donut!

Pastel Eyeshadows using various Fine Metallic Glitter

Elevate your pastel eyeshadow game by adding a twist with fine metallic glitter. After applying your pastel shadow of choice, use a glitter adhesive to carefully press on the metallic glitter to the centre of your eyelids. The result? Eyes that shimmer and shine with an enchanting pastel glow. You can experiment with creating different contrasts by choosing from our extensive range of Chrome Crush Glitter.


Shimmering Lips with Red Fine Glitter

Apply your coral red lipstick as usual, then lightly press some metallic glitter onto the centre of your lips. This subtle touch adds depth and dimension, making your lips appear plumper and more enticing.

Bold lips are a classic choice for spring, and coral red is having a moment. Make your pout unforgettable by incorporating fine metallic glitter into your lip look.

Fresh Nail Art with Pastels Hues

Let's give your nails the springtime makeover they deserve. Start by choosing your go-to soft pastel shades, like beachy blues, delicate pinks, or cool minty greens. Then, let's kick it up a notch by adding a sprinkle of fine metallic glitter. These metallic glitters will add a touch of magic to your pastel nails, creating a look that's all about embodying the breezy and playful spirit of an Aussie spring.


Subtle Eyeliner with Metallic Touch

If you lean towards a more understated style, consider opting for a subtle eyeliner look with fine metallic glitter. Start by defining your eyes with your preferred eyeliner. Then, with the precision of a fine brush, gently apply a thin line of metallic glitter just above your standard eyeliner.

Explore our extensive collection of metallic glitter online, offering an array of captivating shades such as pale green, deep pink, shimmering gold, and vibrant blue, among others.

Shimmering Body

Choose glitters in dazzling colours like dark gold or silver. Mix it with your favourite body lotion or soothing aloe gel, and generously apply it to your arms, legs, collarbones, and shoulders.
Spring means a lineup of thrilling events, from cultural festivals to live music extravaganzas. It's time to embrace the trend of all-over body glitter, just like Y2K.


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