Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is the hottest ticket in town. Swifties who secured their spots early are pondering a crucial question: How can we perfect our glittery makeup for the tour’s magical nights?

With a plethora of creative ideas, we’re here to ensure you own the night with a style that’s uniquely yours!


Picking an outfit for a concert is usually a breeze, but when the event embraces a variety of different aesthetics, things can get a bit confusing. But fear not!

Our collection of dazzling glitters has you covered for a range of looks inspired by Taylor’s music.


The ‘August’ Look

Don’t let August slip away into a moment in time! Add a little pop to your smokey eyes using silver eyeshadow glitter. Then trace a thin line along the crease with rose gold eye glitter.

Let your eyes tell the story of stardust and dreams, making this August a chapter to remember.

The ‘Fearless’ Look

Embrace your fearless side with an enchanting glow. Apply glow-in-the-dark glitter over your arms and shoulders to achieve a look that's truly captivating. Lightly sprinkle it on your neck to add more drama, letting your radiance steal the show all night long.

Remember, confidence is key when embracing the fearless sparkle that glitter brings to your makeup game.




If your heart beats for pastels and simplicity then the 'Enchanted' look is perfect for you. Swipe on a layer of lip gloss for a subtle sheen, then delicately pat some loose metallic glitter.

But don’t stop at your lips – make your hair a canvas of shimmer and shine with our Chameleon Show Stopper glitter for an enchanting look like Taylor’s!

From glimmering lips to dazzling hair, make memories that shine as bright as the stage lights.

The ‘Style’ Look

Complete your 'Style' look with some glittery nails that truly stand out. Start by applying a clear base coat for a smooth surface, then layer on your favourite shimmering shades.

Seal the deal with a clear top coat for a unique, handcrafted look that ensures you never go out of style.

And for a balanced appearance, consider having one or two accent nails with an intense glitter design while keeping the others more subtle.



Never miss a chance to dazzle on any concert night with our Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour outfits ideas. Remember, the key to owning the night is to let your inner sparkle shine through. So, Swifties, get ready to step into the spotlight and make this tour a memory that glitters in your heart forever!

Let our glitters at Glitz Your Life elevate your experience with the most versatile range that will add magic to every moment.


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