International Women's Day, celebrated on March 8th, is a globally recognized occasion to honour the achievements and contributions of women across all walks of life. From boardrooms to startups, women are driving innovation, leading teams, and shaping the future. This year, why not bring the spirit of empowerment and celebration right into your workspace with dazzling DIY glitter decor?

Glitter It Up: Design Your Workspace with DIY decorations for Women's Day!

DIY decorations for Women's Day

Celebrate the essence of Women's Day by adorning your workspace with sparkling accents that reflect power, strength, and resilience of women in the workplace. From dazzling desk accessories to shimmering wall art, infuse your surroundings with a vibrant energy that empowers and motivates. 

Spark Your Space, Ignite Your Spirit: 7 Easy DIY Office Makeover Ideas

Glitter DIY projects

When it comes to DIY projects that pack a punch, glitter always shines! Glitz your Life, your premium glitter source, is excited to share some creative and easy DIY decor ideas perfect for your office. These affordable projects will add a touch of magic while celebrating the amazing contributions of women. So, grab your glue guns, glitter shakers, and let's get crafting!

1. Glitz Up Your Desk Accessories: Personalized Power & Creativity

Start small and personalise your daily essentials. Dust off those boring staplers, pen holders, and phone stands. Cover them in a thin layer of Mod Podge and sprinkle metallic glitter for a sophisticated flair. For a bolder statement, use chunky holographic glitter or mix colours to match your personal style. Get creative!

Pro Tip: For a cleaner finish, apply masking tape around the areas you don't want glittered before starting.


2. Wall of Inspiration: Quotes & Affirmations with a Glittery Glow

glitter spray paint 

Let the walls speak volumes! Dedicate a section to impactful quotes and affirmations celebrating women's achievements and strength. Print them on cardstock, trace the outlines with glitter glue, and let it dry for a raised, textured effect. Alternatively, use stencils and glitter spray paint for a bolder impact.


3. Dream Big Bulletin Board: Shining Goals & Aspirations

Biodegradable Glitter Decor

Turn your bulletin board into a space for shared dreams and aspirations. Encourage colleagues to write their goals and dreams on colourful notecards, then decorate them with biodegradable glitter, sequins, or even pressed flowers. Display them proudly, creating a visual reminder of the collective power and potential your team holds.


4. Desk Fairy Dust: Sprinkle Kindness & Positivity

Craft Glitter Australia

Spread a little "fairy dust" of kindness and positivity! Fill small glass jars with colourful glitter and inspirational messages like "Believe in yourself," "She conquers," or "Dream big, shine bright." Place them on desks or common areas, offering a daily dose of uplifting motivation.


5. Sparkle Garland: Celebrating Diverse Achievements

Create a vibrant garland celebrating the diverse achievements of women around the world. Cut out figures of women from different cultures and professions from colourful felt or cardboard. Decorate them with glitter, sequins, or fabric paint, then string them together to create a beautiful and inclusive display.


6. Motivational Mirror Messages: Shine from Within

gold glitter bathroom stalls DIY

Empower your colleagues with personalised affirmations! Write uplifting messages like "You are strong," "She believed she could, so she did," or "Shine on!" directly on small mirrors using glitter pens or stencils. Place them on desks or bathroom stalls, offering a daily dose of self-confidence.


7. Sparkling Centrepieces: Light Up the Collaboration Zone

International Women's Day Office Decorations

Turn your meeting tables or common areas into vibrant conversation starters with glitter centrepieces. Fill glass vases with glitter, faux flowers, or inspirational objects like books and figurines. Use LED candles or fairy lights for a touch of magic and ambiance.

Sparkle Beyond Women's Day

inspiring office decorations for women

Remember, these DIY glitter women's Day decor ideas are just a starting point. Let your creativity flow and embrace the power of personalisation. By incorporating these elements into your workspace, you can create an environment that celebrates women's achievements, inspires confidence, and fosters a sense of community and belonging.

Shine On & Celebrate Women’s Day with Glitz Your Life!

As you embark on your DIY projects, remember to choose high-quality glitters that's safe for you and the environment. Glitz Your Life offers a wide range of ethically sourced and eco-friendly glitter in various colours and sizes. Explore our curated selection of mesmerising  arts & crafts glitters and add magic to your Women's Day celebration!


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