Taylor Swift is known for many things: her catchy songs, her relatable lyrics, and her enchanting stage presence. But one thing that always stands out is her love of glitter!

From her early country days to her current pop stardom, Taylor has consistently rocked glitter in all its forms, inspiring countless fans to do the same. Her latest Eras tour has solidified the trend, showcasing an even greater enthusiasm for her style than ever before!

What Makes Glitter Stand Out?

Glitter is more than just sparkly decoration. It's a symbol of fun, self-expression, and unabashedly owning your own style. It's a way to transform yourself into the ultimate glitter girl, ready to dance the night away under the stadium lights.

And the best part? You don't have to be a pop star to channel your inner Taylor Swift. Anyone can create their own era-defining concert look with a little bit of glitter and creativity.

Read on to know how you can channelise your inner pop star for Taylor’s upcoming Eras tour with ease!

Glitter Makeup: Paint Your Masterpiece

Taylor’s smokey glitter eye makeup

When it comes to Taylor's signature style, makeup is the ultimate focal point. It defines her glittery vibe, and here's a guide on how you can achieve that pinnacle look.

Disco Ball Glam: Fearless Country Queen Vibe

Use chunky gold and copper glitter for eyes that embody the spirit of a country queen. Pair with a flowy bohemian dress and cowboy boots for the perfect Fearless look.

Red Era Drama: Sparkling Glitter Eyes, Bold Red Lips

Embrace the drama of the Red Era with a sparkling glitter eye and bold red glitter lips. Dive into the drama with Red Era allure, letting your eyes and lips take over. Perfect the look with a chic red outfit and statement jewellery.

80s Retro Radiance: Rainbow Eyeliner, Holographic Glitter

Go full-on 80s with rainbow eyeliner and holographic glitter, channelling the vibe of 1989. Travel back to the neon-lit 80s, radiating retro radiance with colourful glitter and holographic magic. Complete the 80s vibe with a funky outfit and bold accessories.

Edgy Reputation: Black Glitter Shadow, Faux Glitter Tattoos

Enter the Reputation Era with black glitter eyeshadow and faux glitter tattoos for an edgy appeal. Make a bold statement with edgy Reputation vibes, letting black glitter shadow and faux tattoos define your look.

Lover's Kaleidoscope: Celebration of Love and Self-Expression

Embrace a Lover-worthy colourful look with glittery hues of different shades for the ultimate celebration of love and self-expression. Enhance the Lover look with a whimsical flowery dress and soft, muted accessories.

Glitter Shoes: Dance Like Nobody's Watching (Except Maybe Beyoncé)

Red glitter shoes

Who says your shoes aren't a statement? They're essential to perfecting your overall look. Get inspired by Taylor's iconic style and elevate your fashion game with these tips!

Fearless Stomp: DIY Red Glitter Shoes

Transform plain canvas shoes into a fearless statement with striking red glitter and fabric glue. Pair these red glitter shoes with distressed denim for an edgy, fearless ensemble.

1989 Light Show: Iridescent Holographic Magic

Create a dazzling light show with iridescent or holographic glitter on your canvas shoes, inspired by the vibes of 1989. Enhance the magical effect by styling these shoes with a monochrome outfit for a captivating look.

Reputation Rebellion: Channel Your Inner Rockstar

Embrace a rebellious Reputation vibe with black glitter boots, perfect for channelling your inner rockstar. Pair these boots with leather pants and a graphic tee for an effortlessly cool, rock-inspired look

Lover Party Playfulness: Pastel Rainbow Stripes

Keep it playful and party-ready with pastel rainbow stripes, turning your shoes into a Lover-worthy fashion statement. Complement these pastel rainbow stripes with a flowy summer dress for a cheerful and vibrant ensemble.

Cinderella Upgrade: Your Glitter Kicks

Like Cinderella's glass slippers, transform your shoes into dazzling masterpieces using fabric glue and your favourite sparkling glitter. Complete the enchanting look by pairing these glitter kicks with a feminine tulle skirt for a modern fairytale twist.

Glitter Dress: Shine Brighter Than the Spotlight


Your dress is the most crucial element in making a statement with your fashion. Perfect your overall look by drawing inspiration from Taylor's iconic style.

Fearless Twirl: Country Charm in White Glitter Dress

Embrace country charm with a stunning white glitter dress paired with cowboy boots for a Fearless twirl. Opt for delicate accessories and loose waves to complete the look, allowing you to effortlessly twirl with Fearless grace.

Speak Now Fairytale: Soft Pastel Sequin Wrap Dress

Step into a fairytale with a soft pastel sequin wrap dress, capturing the elegance of Speak Now. To achieve the perfect fairytale look, consider subtle makeup with rosy tones and a loose updo for a touch of ethereal sophistication.

1989 Party Glam: Bold Gold Glitter Mini Dress

Turn heads at the party with a bold gold glitter mini dress, exuding the celebratory vibes of 1989.  Pair the dress with statement earrings and sleek, straight hair to ensure you stand out in the crowd, embodying the ultimate 1989 party look.

Reputation Runway: Dark Queen in Black Glitter Bodycon

Channel your inner dark queen with a black glitter bodycon dress, perfect for a Reputation-inspired runway look.  Complete the ensemble with stiletto heels and accessorise with statement pieces to add a touch of rebellious charm to your Reputation runway appearance.

Glitter Earrings: Sparkles That Swoon

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, and those words certainly ring true. Embrace the sparkle and glamour to let your earrings define the oomph factor. Wondering how? Here's the scoop.

Speak Now Elegance: Delicate Silver Drops

Elevate your elegance by dangling delicate silver drop earrings inspired by Speak Now. These timeless accessories effortlessly enhance any formal attire, adding a subtle glimmer that resonates with Speak Now sophistication.

1989 Celebration: Bold Chunky Rainbow Hoops

Up your style game with bold chunky rainbow hoop earrings, infusing a celebratory vibe reminiscent of 1989. These statement hoops are perfect for elevating your look, capturing the lively energy of the 1989 era.

Reputation Statement: Sparkling Black Geometric Shape

Make a bold statement and channel your inner rockstar with sparkling black geometric-shaped earrings inspired by Reputation. These geometric earrings elevate your ensemble, adding an unapologetic edge to your look for a fierce Reputation-inspired appearance.

Lover Charm: Sweet Pastel Heart Earrings

Glitter Earrings Heart Shape

Add a charming touch to your style with sweet pastel heart-shaped earrings, perfect for a Lover-inspired look. Elevate your ensemble with these adorable heart-shaped earrings, bringing a whimsical element that perfectly aligns with the romantic aesthetics of the Lover era.

Ready to Glitz Your Life?

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Q. How do I remove glitter safely?

Ans:- Use oil-based makeup remover for your face and gently massage with a washcloth. For hair, brush out excess glitter and then shampoo as usual.

Q. How can I make my own glitter at home?

Ans:- Food-grade glitter dyes and a little creativity are all you need! Add tiny drops of dye to plain glitter and mix gently for a custom sparkle explosion.

Q. What are the best brushes for applying glitter makeup?

Ans:- Flat synthetic brushes are your best friends for glitter! They pick up and distribute sparkly particles without shedding or causing fallout.

Q. What's the secret to making glitter makeup last?

Ans:- Prep your lids with a good primer for glitter glue to create a sticky base for the sparkle. Gently pat, don't rub, when applying glitter to minimise fallout.

Q. What's the perfect glitter look for a "glitter girl" vibe?


perfect glitter look

Embrace a variety of colours! Mix and match shimmery eyeshadows, chunky glitter accents, and holographic lip gloss for a playful, eye-catching look.


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