G’day, nail art lovers! With Christmas and New Year's just around the corner, we know you're on the hunt for those dazzling dresses and trendy makeup hacks to stand out. But wait! Let's not overlook our nail game amidst the holiday hustle.

Nail trends have been a rage since 2010, setting the scene for a self-love revolution. And now, as we cruise into 2024, let your nails steal the spotlight and become your ultimate fashion expression. Whether you're a nail pro or just starting out, dive into the glittery world of nail trends for a fab new year!

5 Nail Trends to Glamslam Your New Year's Eve Look!

Here are 5 trends to follow to ensure you’re glammed up and ready to sparkle this New Year-

1. Milk Bath Nails

If you’ve been scrolling through Instagram and TikTok, chances are you have already been introduced to Milk Bath Nails. With this dreamy look trending into 2024, celebrities and artists are now giving their own spin to this popular look. Here’s how you can achieve it.

For the original look, apply a coat of creamy base colour and match it with a floral design. You can also elevate this by adding gold embellishments on tips as nail jewels seem to be having a moment of their own right now.

2. Metallic Accents

Whether you lean towards neutral tones or embrace vibrant colours, it's time to embrace metallic nail polish for the new year.

Experiment by layering a nude metallic polish with tiny silver glitter on the tips, crafting your unique and funky twist this season. With chrome nails dominating the scene, explore these metallic chrome glitter options to effortlessly amp up the bling.

3. Slay it with Sparkle

Step into the new year with a touch of sparkle and shine! For a dazzling New Year's nail style, start with your preferred base coat, then select a glitter polish or glitter of your choice to layer onto your nails. You can also try experimenting with different glitter colours to add to the funk.

4. Hot Chocolate

Who can resist the allure of a steaming cup of Hot Chocolate? If you're a fan, you'll adore the cosy warmth that this rich colour adds to your style. Depending on your skin tone, you can prefer a lighter or darker brown. Finish with a glossy top coat for an extra touch of richness.

5. Holographic Dreams

Remember when Gigi Hadid rocked holographic nails at the Met Gala? That trend's still going strong. To make the look more dazzling, apply a base colour of your choice and then brush on some holographic pigment for that attention-grabbing lustrous effect.

Own Your Sparkle: Unleash NYE Trends & Shop Glitz Your Life!

And remember, amidst all the sparkle and glitz, confidence is your best accessory. Strut into that party owning it, because confidence pairs perfectly with those shimmering nails. Let's rock it!

Now that you're up to speed on the latest trends look no further than Glitz Your Life for all your glitter needs in Australia. We've got a range of options in different colours, sizes, and shapes. Find your perfect sparkle for this New Year's Eve right here. Cheers to a sparkling start!


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