Azure Oasis Pack

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Step into a vibrant universe of shimmering delight with the Azure Oasis Pack! Bursting with five luscious chameleons and holographic coarse glitters, this bundle is pure eye candy. We've got Pink for those poppin' moments, Purple for a dash of mystery, Yellow for sunny vibes, Blue for cool serenity, and White for a touch of elegance.

Why should you snag this dazzling pack? Because it's your all-access pass to a glittery wonderland! Whether you're DIY-ing, crafting, or simply want to sprinkle some magic into your life, these glitters have got your back.

The real magic? When these colours collide, they create a mesmerising symphony of shades. Let your inner artist run wild, and watch your creations come to life in a burst of glittery splendour. With the Azure Oasis Pack, every day is a shimmering adventure. So grab yours now at our online glitter store and let the glittery good times roll! 

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We do not edit our glitter photos to provide you with the closest example of the color.

When glitter photos are edited you loose the true color of the glitter. We strive to provide you the best quality & service so we don’t want to show you something different from what you will receive.


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